Consumers are time poor these days and have less time for brands due to an abundance of choice and channels, enormously changing the way people interact and shop. To break through the daily clutter, experiential marketing creates a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand to generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.

How do you stay ahead? By all means you have to act differently and appeal to consumers on an emotional, personal and relevant level, with ideas that provoke genuine emotion, influence behaviour and trigger response – ideas that amaze and persuade.

When it comes to which marketing strategies to use, it depends more on how they are used, the target demographic of the product, and the emotion that the brand wants to associate with itself.

PMA can help you either enhance or complement a traditional advertising campaign or stand out at popular event or conference by utilising Promotional Marketing; Shopper Marketing; Experiential; Social Media & PR; Trade Marketing; and ATL.


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