Rotary Watches arrived in the UK in 1915 whilst WW1 was gathering momentum. The wrist watch as we know it was created during this conflict and Rotary Watches were amongst its first early adopters. 2018, being the Centenary of the End of the First World War and the signing of the Armistice, provided a great opportunity we felt for both Rotary Watches and The Royal British Legion to work together in a mutually beneficial partnership, we conceived the idea of a Rotary commemorative wrist watch to mark the anniversary we were delighted when not only was our idea well received but marvellously brought to life. Here you can see the photo of the Rotary and The Royal British Legion Official Commemorative Watch marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War with only 1918 watches being made. PMA Marketing are proud to have created this prestigious partnership.